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Generally Question

What is ESB?

ESB is an ecosystem of solutions that's created especially for F&B industry. Therefore it has so many detailed functions that common (and custom) softwares don't have.
ESB is created under the spirit of "Community Based Software", where a solution for 1 brand is also enjoyed by other brands. With so many leading brands using ESB, the community in ESB ecosystem is enjoying best practice in doing F&B business.

Who created ESB?

ESB was initially created by the combination of years of experience in financial expertise, business expertise, and programming expertise. The founders of ESB has a long experience in their own fields. Therefore ESB is created to literally solve F&B business problems.

Who can use ESB?

F&B business with multiple outlets and heavy transactions are to enjoy the most benefit from ESB, as the efficiency resulted is higher. Nevertheless, we are building business to become big right? You can also use ESB in the beginning of your business journey, the cost is variable to your usage anyway, it is very affordable.

Who have ESB?

Right now, mostly well-known brands and large F&B group like Boga Group, Ismaya Group, MAP Group, Sour Sally Group, etc. Did I mention Starbucks has also trusted us as their solution provider? Well, what are you waiting for? This is a software that's being used by heavyweights of F&B players.

Is ESB Expensive?

You will be surprised on how affordable ESB is, even a warung can afford ESB. Contact us immediately.

Why I should use ESB?

I can tell you hundreds of reasons why, though, there are two things crossed my mind:
(1) why do you think those big brands decided to use ESB, a software that's just operate in 2018? And
(2) Do you want to enjoy higher profit?

When Should I use ESB?

When you want to start increase your efficiency (profit).

I'm afraid ny team is not high tech enough to use ESB?

As long as that person can operate cellphone and can use computer, that person can operate ESB. Anyway, with or without ESB, incapable team does not go along with success in business right?

What is the payment term for using ESB, most software I know are asking 1 year payment upfront?

It is up to you. You can pay monthly, annually, or quarterly.

Can I get a trial?

Sure, please contact us for that. You are special for us, let us assist you.

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