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The ESB ecosystem is designed to be user-friendly for culinary MSME entrepreneurs who want to expand their businesses. With ESB, running culinary MSMEs becomes even easier!

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Smart UMKM

Familiarize yourself with the components of the MSME ESB ecosystem that will assist your business. Hover your mouse pointer over the image to explore the convenience of Smart MSME features.

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Category Brand A Brand B Brand C Brand D
Table Management
Regular Member
Member Deposit
Customer Display
Menu Stock Limit Management
Station Setting
End Day
Promotion Management
Sales Recapitulation
Self Order Integration
GoFood & GrabFood Integration
Autosync Sales Data to Cloud
Automatic Sales Journal
Automatic Inventory Journal
Cutting Stock Automatically End Day
Digital Payment
QRIS Dinamis
Web Base (POS)
Application Base
Swipe Card for Duty Meal
Voucher System
Split Bill
Multi Branch
SMS Receipt
WA Receipt
Email Receipt
Email Notification Stock
Customer Survey
Sesi Shift
Menu Image
Web Tree
Cutting Stock Automatically Real Time
Merge Table
Link Table
Move Table
Move Item
Category Brand A Brand B Brand C Brand D
Sales Data
Setting Promotion
Category Brand A Brand B Brand C Brand D
Dine In
Pickup Later
Schedule Order Delivery
Category Brand A Brand B Brand C Brand D
Employee Management
Purchasing Management
Sales Management
Production Management
Inventory Management
Finance & Accounting
Fixed Asset

Experience the convenience with ESB the all in one integrated restaurant technology!