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Save hundred of millions in annual costs for data analysis, accounting, auditing, and consulting services.
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Increase growth by 40%

With practical recommendations from OLIN

Sales Forecast

Achieved up to 90% accuracy in forecasting next month's sales.

Preventing Fraud

Automatically track activities with potential for fraud.

Boost Customer Spending

Analyze menu and customers behavior to create an upselling strategy.

Promotion Management

Analyze and suggest the most effective promotion.

Business Health Tracking

Effortlessly monitor your business with simple live reporting.

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OLIN’s 4 Core Values​


Receive practical recommendations through an intuitive user interface.


OLIN has been able to achieve up to 90%* projection accuracy and still progressing.

*Using ESB’s products at least 3 months

OLIN’s algorithm has been trained for more than 2 years in several merchants.


OLIN processes your data in ESB’s highly secured server.

How does OLIN work?

OLIN processes and analyses data generated from ESB’s products, to provide
practical reports with an accuracy of over 90%*.

*Tested over 2 years in ESB Merchants.

Discover how OLIN elevates your F&B business to new heights!

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