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General Terms

Applicable since June 2018

PT Esensi Solusi Buana (“We” or “ESB”) is a technology company providing platforms, applications, and services created specifically for the F&B (Food & Beverage) industry, which also provides integrated F&B technology ecosystem through end-to-end Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application system that we create, own, and develop for F&B businesses and is used by F&B business actors and other relevant business actors (“F&B Service Provider”).

Similar to other service providers, We have our own terms and conditions which users are obliged to agree with in order to access, download, and use Our sites, platforms, applications, products, and/or services. For ease of understanding, We have created a summary of these terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions refers to a binding agreement between User ("You”) and Us, which governs the conditions and terms for visiting, accessing, downloading, and using Our sites (https://www.esb.id, related sites, and microsites accessed through https://www.esb.id and other sites owned, managed, and controled by ESB) (”ESB Sites”), applications, services, platforms, contents, and products in ESB Sites and/or those provided by Us and/or Our affiliates (hereinafter referred to as “ESB Products”); as well as orders, payments or usage of services available in ESB Products, and/or other services available or used in or through ESB Sites, ESB Products, and/or ESB Services, either provided by F&B Service Providers or Us (hereinafter referred to as “Services”).

By visiting, accessing, downloading, or using ESB Sites, Products, and/or Services, You acknowledge and agree that You have carefully read, understand, accept and approve: (a) all terms and conditions for accessing, downloading, and using ESB Sites, Producs, and/or Services, (b) additional terms and conditions, including terms and conditions applicable in every one of ESB Sites, Products, and/or Services, and (c) Our Privacy Policy (https://www.esb.id/kebijakan-privasi), and all its changes and additions that We create from time to time (hereinafter referred to as “Terms and Conditions”). Terms and conditions are also applicable every time You conduct transactions using ESB Sites, Products, and/or Services through other platform of partner provider that sign working agreements with Us and use ESB Sites, Products, and/or Services as a method of ordering.


You have full freedom to use or not use or stop using ESB Sites, Products, and/or Services or other applications or platforms and/or services.

  • Terms and Conditions are applicable and must be observed when visiting, accessing, downloading, and using ESB Sites, Products, and/or Services.
  • Each of ESB Products and Services has their own specific terms and conditions according to the type, operational system, and technical system of each ESB Product and Service, which must be approved prior to being able to access and/or use said Products and/or Services.
  • ESB Products and/or Services only facilitate and connect You with Service Providers to order food and beverages and other servicess from said Service Providers that are available in ESB Sites, Products, and/or Services that You choose and You desire.
  • All orders, transactions, payments, and deliveries (hereinafter referred to as “Transactions”) that You create through ESB Sites, Products, and/or Services are direct Transactions with Service Providers.
  • Service Providers are fully responsible for fulfilling orders and/or other services that said Service Providers provide in ESB Sites, Products, and/or Services that have been paid by You.
  • The handovers and deliveries of Your orders may be performed by Service Providers or other third parties selected and/or provided by Service Providers.
  • Service Providers can choose to activate or deactivate functions within ESB Sites, Products, and/or Services or any functions or parts in ESB Sites, Products, and/or Services, platforms, or services where Service Providers have the freedom to activate or deactivate.
  • Refund

    Transaction Failure refers to orders and/or services in ESB Sites, Products, and/or Services that You have paid for but is not fulfilled by Service Providers, which may be due to Service Providers' errors or the errors from the system, Service Providers' platform systems, or payment systems.

    In the event of Transaction Failure, You reserve the right to obtain refund in the form of electronic money up to the amount that You have paid for the orders and/or services that the Service Providers fail to fulfill, according to Terms and Conditions that are applicable in each of the ESB Products and/or Services used.

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